My mother made me quit my job and leave the country.


Hello. I'm Shreya. And apparently my mom chose that name because it means "the first and the best". So yeah, I've been living with that subtle pressure for the past 25 years. 

Till literally 3 months ago, I was a copywriter with a thriving-ish career. I was lucky enough to have worked for some of the best agencies in India, with some really amazing creative minds and some really big clients. (Notice how I said big and not great?)

I guess I was fairly decent at my job because when I told my boss I'm quitting to go and study her response was "WHAT THE FUCK!".

But you see, my mom spends a lot of time on her phone. And a large proportion of that time is on WhatsApp. Where all other mothers brag about their kids. And while my mom does a fair share of hers, I wasn't really doing work that she'd be excited about.

So after a really long notice period of 2 months, an angry boss, and confused colleagues and family members I'm now a Creative Advertising student at Falmouth University.

And I'm ready to do work that'll make my mother proud.

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