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Hello and welcome to

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I'm grateful for a lot of things. I'm grateful for people who post reviews on Amazon, I'm grateful for never having to learn how to use a Fax machine but most importantly - I'm grateful that I don't have to see your face as you take a look at my work. *cue nervous laughter*

About Me


My name is Shreya and I'm destined to do great things. I know it’s true because my astrologer said so. 

I've got around 6 years of experience of working as a copywriter. And for most of those years I was lucky to have worked at some of the best agencies with some of the best creatives in India.


I then decided to pack my bags and pursue a Master’s in Creative Advertising at Falmouth University because getting a postgraduate degree seemed like the best way to deal with my quarter-life crisis.

It was either this or a tattoo. (And an M.A. had fewer needles involved.) 

I'm currently working as a Creative Strategist and my primary job responsibility is to strategise, create, develop, and manage paid media creative assets for the UK and the US. Which is pretty similar to what I did in agencies, with the only difference being that I also create my own briefs.

Some of my accomplishments include winning the GoaFest Young Abby award in 2019, being featured as Ad Gully's Young Gun in 2019, being chosen as FCB India's Shining Star in 2020, and coming first in a Fancy Dress competition in 2002.


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