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Almost everything we made, Domino's said no to. 

Unlike their pizzas, they wanted their communication to be boring. It may or may not be the reason I quit my job. It also may or may not be the reason I reduced my consumption of Domino's. This is some of the work I had done for them.

Which I'm quite proud of, tbh.

This idea actually started with a tiny brief. We had to make a poster communicating that the Domino's store was being renovated. We did that, but we also tried to relook at the way Domino's looked at its closed stores. Since Domino's has 1000s of stores across India, with multiple stores in proximity of each other, we came up with an idea.

When Covid-19 hit, Domino's wanted to advertise that their pizzas are untouched by hand. We were asked to come up with ideas that can be made using old footage as shooting a film would be a problem. Coming up with an idea using old footage when most of their previous communication had hand-tossed pizzas was a challenge. But one that I had a lot of fun to think about. I thought of this idea and created a rough cut of it.

Once Dine-In had opened up, Domino's wanted their customers to feel safe at the Domino's stores. They had an announcement that they played every 15 minutes which made their store sound more like a train station than a pizza store. They came with us a brief to say the same things in the form of a song. We wrote and produced this song, which was liked, but they eventually decided to scrap the brief. 

Domino's Safe Zone
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