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Dear Lintas

As a part of our third year project, our assignment was to approach an agency to hire us.
Ad agencies don't typically come to college recruitments. We wanted to challenge this. We went to India's top ad agency that is known for challenging the status quo. We disguised ourselves as one of their own brands and asked them to "Jaago Re".

The next step was getting my offer letter. I soon realised that their hiring process isn't as great as their ads. After waiting for what felt like ages, I decided to do something about it. I managed to be the talk of the town, piss of the National Creative Director and eventually get blacklisted from that agency. It also impressed enough people within that agency who started recommending me to other agencies, and got me my best job. One of my bosses called it my best campaign yet. I couldn't agree more.

This experience taught me a lot. It taught me about patience, destiny, and how everything that works out, eventually works out for the best. But most importantly, I learnt that I should opt for Google Drive instead of Youtube.

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